Church Life

Packing of presents of hopes for Moldova

Also this year, we are sending 650 packages for children and poor people to Moldavia for Christmas. They also rece20161214_173427-mediumive heating material and basic food. In the run-up we had again called for donations and packing packages and were not disappointed this year either. Many communities, institutions and households helped to collect the presents of hope. On 3rd of December and 10th of December volunteers gathered together in the hope center to pack the remaining supplies and sort and store the arriving parcels. (mehr …)

News from the construction

Construction work on the new clothing store continues to progress. The interior plaste20161130_161212-mediumr work is soon finished and the farm looks a bit more attractive again. After the substructure for the L-stones had hardened, we could do this on the 30th of November and finally refill the hole in the earth. Now you can imagine much better how the future entrance of the new clothing store will look soon. And inside, too, it is already shining in fresh white. We are grateful to God for providing us with the financial resources necessary to carry out this expansion. We wish that these new rooms will be a blessing to many people. (mehr …)


prayday-2016-2As every year on Tuesdays before the Day of Prayer and Repentance, the Prayday was. This prayer day around the subject of school has now become a tradition in Schkeuditz and again we were able to visit for this the school in Wehlitz again this year. After some songs, the exchange of experiences with prayer and an interactive prayer part with different stations, we let the evening end with a delicious buffet. For more information about the Prayday and the topic of prayer, please click here, or come to our prayer center on Wednesday, 7.00 pm. (mehr …)

Seeker Service

Today our seeker service took place again. This was under the theme „What do you know aboflyer-vorderseite-13-11-16ut me …“. Often, one finds oneself in situations where one is confronted with prejudices, or even has ones. And so often it is different from what you think. The appearance is deceptive. Who I really am and what moves me can hardly see someone from the outside. Andreas Haller had brought a story from the Bible (1 Samuel 16). There it is reported how the prophet Samuel had chosen the future king of Israel according to external criteria. “But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (mehr …)

Presents of Hope for people in Moldova

The hope center is gathering presents of hope again as every year! Until 9th of December anyone can take part and pack one or more packages. On the 3rd and 10th of December, We will be packing the remaining supplies from 9:00 am in the hope center, which was not brought together by individuals, clubs, schools and supporters. For this, many helping hands are needed! A total of 650 packages will be sent back to Moldova. We are very pleased that this year we were able to win DHL as a cooperation partner for the transport and the provision of packaging material. (mehr …)

Winter Clothes for Moldova

20161013_151224-mediumWith several days delay, the truck has finally left to Moldova together with our aid transport on Thursday. On board was a lot of clothing, which had been brought together by helpful Schkeuditzers and Leipzigers. We also received support from the Sachspendenzentrale Leipzig. In addition, various building materials had been loaded. The truck arrived the following Monday with no complaints from the customs in Moldova. Thank God! From the 20th – 30th of October a team of the hope center is on the way there in order to carry out a building operation.

We would also like to thank all donors and helpers who took part in this campaign! (mehr …)

Bible study for Children

1-mediumFrom the 10th to the 14th of October our bible study for children this week took place under the theme „Ruth – In search of a new home“. 25 children filled the hope center every day from 10 am to 2 pm. A total of 11 employees made this event possible by their time and money, which we are very grateful for. It was a very blessed time when God gave us not only great weather, but also a lot of preservation. On Sunday, at 10 am, the final service was held, which was largely co-designed by the children. They sang the learned songs and helped Markus Schmidt tell the parents the story of Ruth. It was a very beautiful service and we look back very grateful to this week. (mehr …)

Expansion of the Clothing Store

The construction work in the basement for the expansion of the new clothing s20160928_113936-mediumtore is continuing. After the floor has been finished for quite a while, the walls have now been plastered and a new door and a window to the courtyard side have been installed. From the outside there will be a separate entrance, which will allow you to enter with a wheelchair, trolley and stroller. We are very excited about how the new clothing store will look, and we are looking forward to opening it to our visitors soon. (mehr …)


We are grateful that we were able to celebrate a baptism this year. Three young people have been bimg-20161009-wa0032aptized in the confession of their faith in Jesus Christ. They could not stop the cold waters of Lake Wallendorf. At quite cold temperatures (much cooler than last year at the same time) and almost icy water, we nevertheless celebrated a cheerful service with subsequent barbecue and buffet. It is great that we experience how people learn to know and love Jesus Christ and experience change in their lives. (mehr …)

Community Leisure

From the -11th of September our community leisure took place gemeindefreizeit-2016-2at Schloss Mansfeld. It was a nice time. We were able to get to know each other better and to think together about the theme of the „five-fold ministry“ from Ephesians 4. For there the missionary Paul describes very nicely how people can contribute in the community with their different gifts, which God has given them. In addition, there was also time for excursions and sports activities. We are very grateful for this time!

Seeker Service

Flyer 14.08.16According to the motto „Faster, higher, farther“, a worship service for seekers took place again in the hope center. The hall was well filled and it was astonished at so many records in the categories „Faster, Higher, Farther“. But it is not only at the Olympic Games that these categories are decisive. They are also very important in other areas of life, such as in professional life, in our families or in the economy. In almost every area, this striving for quicker, higher, further comes across. And this also affects our picture of God. Not a few try to make their way to heaven by living better than others. But in the Bible we read clearly that no one can come to heaven through his good actions. On the contrary, it is a gift! This gift was created by the fact that Jesus, through his death on the cross, has cleared out everything that blocks our way into heaven. Everyone is entitled to this gift! The only question is: „Do you accept it?“

After the service there was always coffee, cake and plenty of time to talk. It was a great get-together and many new acquaintances were knotted!

The next service for seekers will take place on 13.11.16 again at 3 pm with coffee afterwards.

If you would like to know more about this gift, which God makes us through Jesus Christ, please feel free to contact us!

The office is finished

The first half of the basement is almost finished. We are very much looking forward to it, especially Markus Schmidt, who has moved into his office there since the beginning of August. We are very grateful to God for giving us the financial resources to make this conversion possible. Here and there are still a few little things to be done, but the resulting rooms are already usable. Markus Schmidt is delighted to have a visit, before he takes up 3 weeks of parental leave in early September. Access to the office is on the courtyard side. (mehr …)

Service from the Radio

20160716_144023 (Medium)Today we celebrated a very special service. Actually there was no special occasion and the expiration was also as usual. The difference was that our service was broadcast live on “MDR culture”. We had to carry out this service on Saturday afternoon for the sake of trial. It was a great opportunity for us to reach a lot more people than usual with the joyful message from Jesus. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants. (mehr …)

News from the construction

20160520_150346 (Medium)The expansion of the basement is progressing rapidly. After we have finished installing the floor in the two basement rooms facing the courtyard, the drywall of the office has been almost finished. In doing so, we experience how God provides us with sufficient money for the construction costs in his goodness.

We would also like to thank all those who are so energetic about the expansion! (mehr …)

Open House and City Festival Service

Tag der offenen Tür 16 1From the 23rd to the 26th of June the annual “Schkeuditzer city festival” took place. Within the framework of this, we again held an open house in the hope center. For coffee and cakes, we were able to get to know each other from 12 am to 5 pm, look at our exhibition of the origin of the hope center, or find out about the work of the Center of Hope. On Sunday the traditional ecumenical city festival was held on the market square. This was designed by members of the different Schkeuditzer municipalities. (mehr …)

Ceremony in the Park

IMG-20160619-WA0021Today, we participated in the ceremony of the evangelical alliance Leipzig in the music pavilion of the Clara-Zetkin-Park. It was nice to be able to praise God together with so many siblings of different congregations. The service was under the theme: „In the world you are afraid, but …“ – Jesus. Markus Schmidt gave the sermon. The core message was clear: „Jesus is stronger than anything that scares you. That is why he is the best address for your fear. He will help you; Not only when he comes back, but also today. Come to him and bring him your fear, what oppresses you and makes you worried. He wants to give you rest. „Afterwards there was still an opportunity to strengthen themselves with cake or the lunch buffet and to get into conversation.

Closing ceremony of biblical instruction

20160612_101029 (Medium)Today we celebrated the completion of the biblical teaching of four of our teens in a festive service. In this service, we have deliberately asked for them to be under the blessing of God for their future and their life. We are very glad about our co-existence of young and old in the community and are glad to continue to accompany our now former „BUler“ on their way of life. After the service there was still a small celebration in the yard with lunch, coffee and a city game for the children and young people. (mehr …)

News from the construction

In the basement we are making great progress. Today, the underfloor heating system was installed, which will then heat a part of the future clothing store, the newly created office, as well as the entrance hall to this. On the 24th of may. The next layer of the floor is applied. After a time of drying, we can finally start the interior design. (mehr …)

Seeker Service

Flyer 24.04.16Our seeker Service was themed: „Follow me – I also do not know where it’s going!“ The question is often in life, who you can actually follow. What is the right way, what can I hold on to and what can I orient myself to? It is often parties which advertise that they are the ones who have found the right way to cope with a situation. But, is this really the truth? Andreas Haller in his sermon answered: It is not only important to find a way, but to know the goal at all. The goal to which man was actually created is to have fellowship with God. But because we are separated from God by sin, the latter had to be settled by the death of Jesus Christ. (mehr …)

News from the construction

20160416_105727 (Medium)On the 16th of April, many people had come to the hope center to jointly promote the expansion of the house. In the foreground was the basement, which needed to be prepared for the installation of a new floor. So the old floor was piled up and the ground beneath was lowered. But also in the upper part of the house people worked. But that´s not all. Also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, helpers gathered in the hope center to continue where Saturday had ceased. (mehr …)