Bicycle tour on Ascension Day

Fahrradtour 25.5.17 2On the Ascension Day we  again took a bicycle tour, after a two-year break. Over 30 cyclists from 6 to over 60 years were present. In the morning at 10 o’clock we startet the trip, with a short intermediate stop in Radefeld, to the „Schladitzer See“. We drove around the whole lake.  In between we made a picnic and recovered from the quite long tour. After an hour we returned and came back at 2:45 pm at the hope center.The afternoon we spent together at the barbecue buffet and with good talks. We are very grateful to God, that noone has been hurt and we could experienced such a beautiful day.

Fahrradtour 25.5.17 1Fahrradtour 25.5.17 3

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