Church Life

Seeker Service

Today our seeker service took place again. To the exciting topic „If I would be rich“ had invited many guests Flyer 26.02.17 Vorderseiteand a lot of visitors were in the hope center for the first time. In common and lectures, in a video, a survey among the visitors as well as through the Psalm 112, the visitors were invited to reflect on the topic. In his homily, Andreas Haller referred to a parable of Jesus, which he tells in Luke 12: 16-21. It is about a rich grain farmer, who had a good harvest and hung with his heart entirely on his property. He defined himself about what he had and wanted to rest on it. But the next night he died. So, says Jesus, it will go to all who gather treasure on earth, but have no relationship with God. They will lose everything from one moment to another. It is not at all wrong to gain possession or prosperity. But the question is: do I hang my heart on it? If my life and my heart belong to God, then I have prepared for eternity. What is your heart about?

As a result of the worship service, the visitors remained together for a long time for coffee and cake.

Gottesdienst für Neugierige 26.2.17