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Work Assignment in Moldova from 29.09.-09.10.2017

The work assignments have proven very effective and have a lasting effect on the people we are helping. But also for the people in the villages it is incomprehensible that people from Germany come at their own expense, bring along building material and then repair the houses for the poorest of the poor. But not only in Moldova, but also in Germany, this seems to be a strong testimony. Again and again people are talking to us and say they want to accompany such an assignment and energetically support. So a warm invitation to all who would like to take part ans support us. 
Work Assignment is from the 29.09.-09.10.2017, costs 200, – €, registration as soon as possible with Andreas Haller under 0172/3621711, 034204/14701 or

Ecumenical city festival Service

20170625_104324 (Medium)Traditionally, the city festival in Schkeuditz also includes the city festival service, where many municipalities of the city participate. As the preacher, we were able to win Martin Reakes-Williams from the Leipzig English Church (LEC) who spoke about Jeremiah 29: 4-7. God at that time told exiles living jewes that they should establish themselves in foreign countries, engage themselves and not behave as exiles, but as migrants. They should look for the best for their city, because if their environment were doing well, they would be doing well.

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Open day

20170624_115443 (Medium)Today, our house was again open to interested parties in a special way. The „Open Day“ already belongs to the program of the city festival and has been well received for years. Again and again, we get to know people who join our community and make friendships. Also the offer of coffee and cake is popular for many Schkeuditzern and for individual become a tradition. (mehr …)

Ecumenical Service in Leipzig

Stadtfestgottesdienst Leipzig 5.6.17On the Whit Monday a large part of our community visited the ecumenical service in Leipzig at the market squere. It was nice to celebrate worship together with many siblings of the Leipzig communities in good weather and also to praise our great God in songs. We were also able to experience Elke Werner and Steffen Kern, who will be the speakers at proChrist next year, which will also be broadcasted by satellite from Leipzig.

News from the construction

Umbau Einfahrt 2017 1On the 11th of May, we began to demolish the remains of the former toilet building, the foundation that has been a parking area over the last few years. Now we wanted to redesign the entrance and connect a new parking area. So the remains of the former building had to give way. In addition, the new driveway gives us an enormous advantage: the trucks transporting our aid transports to Moldova can now drive almost to our warehouse and no longer have to stop at the level of the main building in the driveway. This shortens our shipping route enormously. We are grateful to many diligent helpers and pray that we can pay the building material soon.

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Bicycle tour on Ascension Day

Fahrradtour 25.5.17 2On the Ascension Day we  again took a bicycle tour, after a two-year break. Over 30 cyclists from 6 to over 60 years were present. In the morning at 10 o’clock we startet the trip, with a short intermediate stop in Radefeld, to the „Schladitzer See“. We drove around the whole lake.  In between we made a picnic and recovered from the quite long tour. After an hour we returned and came back at 2:45 pm at the hope center.The afternoon we spent together at the barbecue buffet and with good talks. We are very grateful to God, that noone has been hurt and we could experienced such a beautiful day.

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seeker service

Flyer GfN 07.05.17 VorderseiteToday again a seeker service in the hope center took place. It was under the theme „Mängelexemplar/Defects Copy – performance pressure & human value“ and many visitors were not only invited but also had come. In the especially for children appealing preach, Markus Schmidt captured this, that had already been addressed by a play beforehand.It is the question of what determines our value as human beings. It is the question of what determines our value as human beings. Is it our money, our appearance, our performance, or our popularity?

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Reopening of the Clothing Store as a „shop of hope“

After working intensively on the basement and the new outside access, we were finally able to inaugurate Logo Hoffnungsladen Buttonthe new rooms of the clothing store. But not enough. With the new rooms our clothing store got a new name, behind which also a revised concept conceals itself. Markus Schmidt, said to the new logo: „The store is supposed to be a place where, in a protected environment, people of different skin color and origin can come together in a warm atmosphere to get clothes and more!“ (mehr …)

Blessing of the deacons

Einsegnung der Diakone 02.04.17In the Bible we read in chapter 6 of the book Acts of the Apostles that the church leadership of the first Christian community in Jerusalem used deacons to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing community. We are glad and grateful that, as a community, we have grown so much that this step has now become necessary in the hope center. After three months of reflection and prayer, God has placed us on the heart seven members of our church for this ministry; As many as described in the Acts of the Apostles. In mid-February, there was already a first meeting of the municipal leadership with the deacons. In the worship service this Sunday, they were now officially blessed in their ministry.

Women’s breakfast and treasure hunts

After we had paused in the second half of the year 2016, a women’s breakfast took place in the hope cFrauenfrühstück 18.03.17enter in March. The fact that it was missed last October was clearly visible in the number of visitors: 95 women had come to fill the 83 seats. And, by a miracle, no one had to go home before the event. Everyone finally got a seat. Tabea Heise, a graduate psychologist with her own practice and head of “Leipzig Glaubt”, talked about the topic „break through your negative thought patterns“ and the audience listened interested. The lecture was accompanied by beautiful music. (mehr …)

Sira is reporting from her Missionary trip

Today, Sira Lüers reported on her half-yearly mission with „Youth with a MissioMissionsbericht Sira (Medium)n“ at a special evening event in the hope center. For the first three months she was prepared by intensive training in Burscheid for the subsequent mission trip through India and Bangladesh. It was very exciting to hear what she had experienced with God and her international team at this time.

Grace Wedding in the Hope Center

Gnadenhochzeit Else und Erich Rein 1A very special wedding took place today in the hope center. Else and Erich Rein celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with a grace wedding. Gratefully, they looked back on the many years in which God has preserved and guided them. It was nice to have this special feast with them, and we wish them all the blessings of all that is ahead of them. (mehr …)

World Day of Prayer

Today the World Day of Prayer, which this year was prepared by women from the PhilipWeltgebetstag 2017pines, took place in the parish house of the Evangelical Lutheran church community. Many people had come and learned a lot about the country and the people. Under the topic „What is fair?“, The serious working and living conditions were also addressed, among which so many people are suffering in the Philippines. Afterwards, there was a very tasty insight into the Philippine cuisine.


Seeker Service

Today our seeker service took place again. To the exciting topic „If I would be rich“ had invited many guests Flyer 26.02.17 Vorderseiteand a lot of visitors were in the hope center for the first time. In common and lectures, in a video, a survey among the visitors as well as through the Psalm 112, the visitors were invited to reflect on the topic. In his homily, Andreas Haller referred to a parable of Jesus, which he tells in Luke 12: 16-21. It is about a rich grain farmer, who had a good harvest and hung with his heart entirely on his property. (mehr …)

Final Steps by the expansion of the clothing store

We are now taking great steps towards the completion of the new rooms for the clothing s20170222_181925 (Medium)20170222_182035 (Medium)tore. The walls are plastered, the ceiling painted. In the next days, the flooring is laid, the ceiling lighting and a kitchenette are installed. Then the access is paved and the move can begin. We are looking forward to the reopening, which will take place on the 3rd of April at 10 am. Everyone is welcome!

Visitors from Moldova

Today Vasile Cosovan (the director of our cooperation partner „Elim“ 20170219_114940 (Medium)Singerei) visited us with his wife Dana at the hope center. They reported on the work over there and extended cordial greetings and acknowledgments of the people from Singerei and environment. He had also brought along three of his sons and their families. With the parable of the „Good Samaritan,“ which Jesus narrates in Luke 10, 25-37, Vasile Cosovan expressed his gratitude and motivated us to continue to assist the people of Moldova. We pray that God will always give us the necessary funds for our projects and aid.

Integration of new Members

Today, we were able to welcome two new members to our community. Su20170129_102832 (Medium)sann and Rene Neumann had joined the church in the summer of 2016 and soon expressed their wish for membership. We are delighted that people are always ready to support and support the concerns and the mission of our local community. We are also pleased that we were able to join Karola and Manfred Heumos a week earlier, on the 22nd of January, as members also in the municipality.

Bible Day for Children

Today we were together for a lot longer than usual. Usually we meet every Saturday from 10am to 12pm. 20170121_114623 (Medium)But today we met at 9.00 am at the hope center to go together to the Bible Day for children in Leipzig. There we experienced an exciting day under the theme „Scandal in Babylon“. It was about the story from Daniel’s chapter, 3, in which it is reported how the three friends of Daniel would not submit to the statue of the Babylonian King. (mehr …)

Seeker Service on Christmas Eve

As every year, on Christmas Eve, we celebrated a seeker service. Many visitors had come weihnachten-2016-3-mediumand together we sang Christmas songs and enjoyed the charming and funny Christmas play, which Matthias Ganzow had practiced with the actors. The play gave a glimpse behind the scenes of the Christmas story, true to the motto, which stood over the afternoon. The angel Gabriel told the Christmas story from his own perspective and Markus Schmidt presented in the subsequent sermon, which was the reason for all these events. (mehr …)

Loading of the presents of hope

20161219_112033-mediumToday the „presents of hope for children and poor people in Moldova“ were loaded. Eight helpers lured all 663 packages and four large bags of clothing within an hour. Our team will be from 28.12. – 4.1 in Moldova to hand over the packages. A report and pictures follow. (mehr …)